Monday, June 2, 2008

About Me / Motivations

The Launch. June, 2008
A stock market tips forum aimed at making you money.

Last month, I realized it was finally time. Time to take the incredible ROI I had been offering friends and family for over a decade into the public light and make it free information for everyone. Something about CNBC Cramer´s goal of making individuals that he doesn´t even know a lot of money is attractive and fun.

For years, I had been giving casual investment advice, and have been more successful in my stock choices than the top investment managers on Wall Street.

Im not a billionaire, but ironically I dont do this JUST for the money. It is fun and it is exciting and at the end of the day, the money is just the way we keep score. I think that is why I have more fun giving stock advice tha investing some times.

My History:

I grew up in the Silicon Valley, but spent time on the East coast and in the Midwest. I started the Stock Market club at my Silicon Valley high school in the 9th grade just at the onset of the dot com boom when the world was clamoring for Internet-stock returns we may never see again in the stock market until nano-tech or stem-cells come out with a vengeance.

After the dot-com boom, was when I really figured out the stock market. I had a diverse background working for companies such as Netscape, AOL, to Sybase to Medtronic, etc. Since then I've become a Doctor and I've developed some good habits, I watch CNBC pretty much every day and I keep my eyes open and explore, Ive traveled to over 40-50 countries and I think I wont stop there. Especially since, my stock advice will soon turn to international markets, something I have been trying to transition to for the last 2 years. I'm not an expert on all industries traded on public markets, but the ones I know, I know well, and historically I'm right in a major way.

My Wins. . . My Big Wins. . .

My first two trades with my father´s online stock account were Syquest which I bought at 4 and later sold at 1 for a nasty loss. This was my only big loss ever. However, at the same time I bought dell at 70 7/8 and sold it as 142 just 11 months later, so I recouped that loss. Since then, my Batting Average has sky-rocketed. I'd like to think I have learned from my mistakes.


In 2001, I became bullish on ISRG (Intuitive Surgical Systems). I told everyone to buy at 8 dollars. A few listened but my father didnt. Again I told him just 2 years ago to buy at 90 and he finally did. . . .Today the stock has hit 300

2) MF
When Bear Sterns bowed out of existence in 2008, and lost a good chunk of its market value in one day, I told everyone I knew to buy MF global, which unfairly lost a chunk of its value as well. Stock rebounded and my friends who listened still owe me a steak dinner.

Told people to buy this stock at 80 or so and hit almost 200.

When American Dental partners settled a lawsuit last year against a Minnesota dental group, I knew the settlement was fair and that investors over-reacted. I told a few of my friends who happen to be dentists to buy it, and again they down me a steak dinner.

5) V
When Visa IPOed this year I told people to buy it at 50ish and it went up to 80 in a matter of months. My friend (unfortunately only 1) who listened is smiling today.

6) VMW
VMWare which IPOed last year. I got this stock tip from my mother, who works at Ebay and told everyone to buy this at 50 the day it IPOed. My friend a Czech trained M.D./surgeon listened to me and it list $120 just a few months later. Needless to say, we're pretty good friends now.

6) the list goes on. . . .unfortunately all my recommendations were either word of mouth or through emails, though each of the people who listened to me above and bought what I told them I'm sure would be willing to be references, if I ever really ever needed to verify what I am saying.